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Lyrics Essay

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Leave Out All the Rest
The endless white beach, usually speckled with a   rainbow of tents was completely empty. I took in a   deep breath of ocean air. It had been many months since I had been this relaxed. The sound of the gentle waves and the beach scenery rid me of all my troubles. Forgetting my purpose briefly, I remembered the many times I'd come here as a kid. So much had changed since those times. I pulled away from my past, it was time to move on, I could not change the past no matter how much I'd like to. The eternal sky loomed above me, bright blue, half covered with clouds but none of which were threatening. The beautiful scene seemed a nod from the heaven's about my decision. I felt the hot and gritty sand between my toes and made my way to the water.

I was no different than any other boy as a teenager. Well, I wasn't exactly an average student. In my first year at high school I was the junior dux. I had performed magnificently in all my exams earning me my title. In fact at a parent-teacher evening, my teachers had said I was extremely intelligent and they even brought the idea of me doing work ahead a year. Not only was I academically brilliant, I was also physically capable. I played soccer and tennis in respectable teams throughout my years at high school. I was also increasingly popular with the students in my school. Everything was going perfectly for me, it was too easy. I wasn't challenged even at the highest level. Whoever had said 'life was full with ups and downs' was clearly wrong. My life was only full with ups at that time and I failed to take notice of the 'what goes up, must come down' concept.

The water had reached my waist now. The beach was still deserted. The water was cold and while I'd normally shiver, I barely felt it. Far away in a bright light I saw what appeared to be a man with his arms wide open as if to embrace me.

My family had always been supportive of me. My younger brother and mother had always been there for...

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