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Macbeth Essay

  • Submitted by: yoojung73
  • on December 9, 2008
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Lady Macbeth’s Suicide Note

My dearest partner in heinous crime, the dark has come. Hell

enshrouds me. I am like a child afraid of the dark. I must keep the candles

lit at all hours. My childhood eyes see in the darkness the “painted devils.”

(Act 1 Scene 2)   My ears hear the “owl scream” and the “crying crickets”

and the “croaking raven” (Act 2 Scene 5) - all rob my sleep. My nose

smells the innocent blood of those victims to our ambition, our king so

much like my sleeping father, the “Great Bond” himself, Banquo, and the

mistress and   hildren of our Thane of Fife.

Oh my dear one, you thought that you had “murdered sleep” (Act 2

Scene 2) but I have murdered more than that – I have murdered our very

lives together. I have destroyed you and me. “All is spent.” We have gained

nothing but lost everything.” (Act 3 Scene 2) “Blood would have blood” (Act

3 Scene 4) as there was no stopping your “bloody” and “invisible hand”

tearing to pieces Banquo, Lady Macduff and even her children. We are

“stepped so far” in blood “that returning is as tedious as going on.”

(Act 3 Scene 4) I cannot enough wash the blood from my hands. I cannot

go on.

I have lost you now. What’s done is done. I am so sorry.   As I have

said to you, it seems “safer now to be that which we destroyed”. (Act 3

Scene 2)   I have now my own murderous act to perform. I am sorry for

what we could have been.

There you are “alone” beyond the us of yesterday with no more

tomorrows. Out brief candles. I will take my life. (Would I be able to give

you yours.) Remember: I loved you.   My greatest crime was not

“accounting” our blessings, old Thane ofCawdor.

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