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Macbeth Essay

  • Submitted by: SukottoW
  • on March 1, 2011
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Personal Experience
One achievement I remember above all others was when I won the regional shooting competition in the Air Cadet’s.
I can remember the overwhelming emotions I had on the way there I was very nervous because in my last few practice sessions my shooting wasn’t at a very high standard above all this I would also be shooting at Faslane navy base and I was quite excited to be finally inside the base as I had drove by it several times but had never been inside.
When we finally arrived at the gates the first thing I noticed was the sheer size of the base, it had its own supermarket, Football pitches, pub and most important to me, a shooting range. After a few minutes driving around the maze like network of streets inside the base we finally arrived at the range to see many other cadets standing waiting for their turn on the range. So I got out and took my place in the line.
During this time I can remember feeling the excitement growing inside me as the queue decreased in size and I got closer and closer to my turn to shoot. Soon I was lying prone on the ground rifle in hand sighting up for the fire order. My rifle was a lee Enfield number 8 .22 calibre with an infantry sight this was unusual as all the other cadets were using match sights. Soon I heard the first order “With on round load” Hearing this I instinctively reached out for one of the small brass bullets lying next to me and with my slowly loaded it into the barrel before closing the bolt and clicking the safety catch to on. Soon the next order came “In your own time, fire” So heart in my mouth I lined up and squeezed the trigger “BANG!” I felt the rifle kick back at my shoulder and quickly loaded the next round I continued this until finally, exhausted, I was told to put my rifle down and wait outside. Soon everyone was finished and we were called in to see the scores so heart in my mouth I walked in and looked at my target. I soon noticed that there were only four holes and I had fired...

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