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Macbeth business letter

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Norrie Epstein
Penguin Books
375 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10014

Dear Ms. Epstein:

I wanted to thank you for your insight into Shakespeare’s Macbeth. After reading your writings on Macbeth, my eyes were opened to the depth his work. When I first read Macbeth, the underlying themes were not clear to me but after reading your analysis, many issues were made clear.  

In the beginning, you state that, “There’s only one moment of sunlight, just before Duncan’s murder.”   I hadn’t made that observation but now I can see how that relates to the last moment that Macbeth felt good about himself. That really does set the mood of the book. When you wrote, “A decent man imprisoned in a murderer’s body, he can only stand back and watch as the killer continues to strike,” I was finally able to understand the character of Macbeth. His constant struggle against who he had become destroyed him.

The Weird Sisters and their role in Macbeth’s downfall were very unclear to me before reading your analysis. It gave me great insight into Shakespeare’s purpose for writing this story when I read your words, “Shakespeare thus asks, are our lives determined by fate or free will?” I now understand that his writing was intended to make the reader think about a seemingly unanswerable question.

My favorite line is, “Macbeth, however, is about a good man who becomes evil, and that is his tragedy.” I really think you pinpointed Shakespeare’s intention which was previously unclear to me.   I was also unaware that he was one of the first writers to combine hero and villain in one character showing that every human has the potential to do anything just in order to get what they want. You have really opened my eyes to what a great writer Shakespeare was! I appreciate your analysis and look forward to your future writing.


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