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Macbeth And Society Essay

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  • on December 14, 2008
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Shakespeare uses Macbeth to criticize the behaviour of society today. Although written many years ago during the 1600’s, Macbeth is a classic example of the struggles and problems that occur in everyday life. It shows how appearances can be misleading, people can be self-centered, and how power can corrupt even the best of intentions. Through these three ways, Shakespeare critiques society and points out its major flaws.

One of the main themes in Macbeth is person versus society, which points out that nothing is as it appears to be. Shakespeare uses this theme, however, to point out the imperfections in society. Through Macbeth he is able to show how appearances can be deceiving; and how nothing good comes out of putting on an act for others, because it only causes trouble. This is shown many times throughout the course of the play, firstly in the relationship between King Duncan and Macbeth. Duncan puts a lot of faith in Macbeth, perhaps too much, after he learns of the thane of Cawdor’s betrayal in battle. He then gives the title to Macbeth, and swears that he will not have a disloyal thane of Cawdor ever again. “The thane of Cawdor will never again betray me. Go announce that he will be executed, and tell Macbeth that Cawdor’s titles will be given to him.”(Crowther 9) This goes to show that things are not as they seem. While Duncan believes he is doing nothing but good by making Macbeth thane of Cawdor, he is actually doing quite the opposite. Macbeth will betray him much worse then the previous thane of Cawdor ever did, because he is not actually as good as he appears to be. Duncan is misled, and the end result is his downfall. Not long after, Duncan decides to go to Macbeth’s castle. On the day of his arrival, he says the castle “hath a pleasant seat. The air/ Nimbly and sweetly recommends itself/ unto our gentle senses.” (I.vi.1-3) This is saying just how pleasant the castle looks, and how it appeals to him. However the castle itself represents the...

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