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Make the Grade, Tuition Paid Essay

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Our new governor, Sean Parnell, wants to reward good high school performance.   With good grades, you could have your in-state college or vocational tuition paid for.   Many ask, where is the money that is going to fund the Governors Performance Scholarship is coming from?   It’s going to be paid for with an endowment from the state’s eight billion in reserve funds.   The way the scholarship would work is, high school students with an A average, 4.0, will get one hundred percent of their tuition paid for.   Students with a B average would earn seventy-five percent tuition coverage.   As for those with a C average, they would qualify for fifty percent.  
All students will have to earn their grades in a curriculum that includes four years of math and language arts and three years of social studies.   The idea of this plan is to have students better prepared for college or other advanced schooling, and to provide Alaska with a smarter work force.  
Alaska has 91.6 percent high school graduates among the residents twenty-five and older.   27.3 percent of Alaskans are college graduates, which is slightly smaller than the national average.   In order for the scholarships, the governor wants lawmakers to put four hundred million dollars aside from the Constitutional Budget Reserve.  
Bipartisanship should sort out the debatable details, such as if four years should be mandatory.   An issue with the plan is, hard working students that try for a 4.0 but end up with a C-plus average should be worth the investment too.   I personally don’t believe that is true, it’s called extra credit.  
In my opinion, this is a great achievement for Alaskans.   Even through the Scholarship isn’t in function, it is an idea that would encourage Alaskans to graduate college and academically pay attention in class.   Some students may want to do their basic classes and go out of state for other schooling.   For example, I want to take my basic classes in state and take my med classes out of state....

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