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Man In Relationship To God Essay

  • Submitted by: leonardok
  • on February 24, 2011
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Men in Relationship to God
Several ancient writers, such as Pharaoh Amenhotep IV who wrote “Hymn to Aton”, King David who wrote “Psalm 8”, and Sophocles who wrote “Ode to Man” from the “Antigone” use men to compare their relationship with God and the Sun through their hymns. All of these ancient writings are meant to be sung and not spoken. These poems describe ideas that connect men and their beliefs in God.
The ancient poem “Hymn to Aton” by Pharaoh Amenhotep IV, which was written in the 14th century Egypt explains how powerful the sun is to the earth and to us man. Once the sun sets and it is dark at night everyone rests and goes to sleep until the whole city is lit with the sun. When the sun sets the land is in darkness and nothing thrives (lines 11-20). The sun is what created the earth by feeding the plants which feed us and giving us water that we need to live. The sun is the mother to all-the creator of mankind (lines 41-46). The sun is also the creator of all living things (lines 56-63). The sun gives food to us by the sun’s rays that give energy to crops and to the animals that we eat. The sun provides everything such as the season, rays, warmth, and crops (lines 88-101). The sun is what keeps our foods healthy and alive. The sun is what keeps the world alive. The world would not exist without the sun (lines 106-109).
The “Psalm 8” by King David, was written in Israel in the 10th century talks about how God made men responsible for taking care of the earth, and how powerful men is. We take care of animals; animals cannot live without being taken care of, so men are higher than animals. God takes care of men and we cannot be anything without being taken care of God, so God is higher than man. Man is nothing without God, yet higher than animals (lines 9-16). Even though God is higher than us he still honors us and cares about us, just like we care about animals and we take care of them. Although we have less power than God, he is still aware and cares...

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