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Managed Care Essay

  • Submitted by: 16chris21
  • on February 22, 2011
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Managed Care

    There a many different views on managed care in the health field. There are pros and cons, both the patient/consumer and the physician/caregiver have them.
    If you are the consumer your pros could include; affordable health care, set fees for care and the ability to choose your primary care physician. Choosing your primary care physician could also be a con; if the doctor you choose is not under the managed care plan you select, you could end up paying more. If the physician you select is not in the managed care plan, you run the risk of their services not being paid by the insurance company and it all has to come out of pocket. Another con for the consumer with a managed plan is the care they could receive. Depending on the doctor, your care could be based on what the physician will make or the limitations the insurance companies have them under. You could receive less care or your illness overlooked because some tests or treatments are not covered.
    The pros that caregivers receive are a set salary with incentives; help with the administrative side of health care and patients referred from the insurance company. The cons include a loss in total control of their practice, more paperwork and approvals from the insurance companies. If I was a caregiver, I would select to be in a managed plan. I think that the managed care plan has restrictions but with the cost of health care without insurance, you run the risk of not being paid at all. You could render service and the patient may not be able to pay or you may not have clients at all because consumers cannot afford the care. I also think the help of an administrative staff will help with paperwork so that more time can be given to the patients. I think the key with caregivers and dealing with managed care and rules are remembering why you became a doctor. Most become doctors because they truly want to help people; if that is the case, they need to stand up for what is right for...

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