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Management Essay

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Conflict – the process in which one party perceives that its interests are being opposed or negatively affected by another party.

Conflict Management – interventions that alter the level and form of conflict in ways that maximize its benefits and minimize its dysfunctional consequences.

Task Conflict versus Socio-emotional conflict
Task Conflict - the parties view the conflict experience as something separate from them. It is an object “out there” that must be addressed. This conflict is potentially healthy and valuable because it make the people rethink their perspectives of reality. As long as the conflict remains focus on the issue, new ideas may immerge and the conflict remains controlled.
Socio-emotional conflict – conflict often becomes personal. Rather than focusing on the issue, each party starts to see the other person as a problem.

  A. Consequences of organizational conflict
  a. Conflicts between groups or organizations potentially improve team dynamics within those teams. Teams increase their cohesiveness and task orientation when they face an external threat.
  b. When intergroup conflict becomes emotionally charge teams becomes so cohesive that they are no longer motivated to seek outside information.
  c. At an individual level, socio-emotional conflict increases the level of frustrations, job dissatisfaction, and stress. In the longer term this leads to higher turnover and/or absenteecism.
  B. Sources of conflict in organization
  a. Goal incompatibility – occurs when people or work units have goals and interferes with each other.
  b. Differentiation – occurs when people hold divergent views and attitudes due to their unique backgrounds, experiences or training.
  c. Task interdependence – the degree to which team members must share common inputs, interact in the process of executing their work or receive outcomes determined partly by their mutual performance.

Levels of Task...

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