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Management Basics Essay

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Below is an essay on "Management Basics" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Basics in Management

Success factors: efficiency, competitive advantage, exploitation (make the best use of something), culture, productivity, quality, relations, continuous improvement, innovation, and speed.

Synergy > Team vs. Group work

Team: team spirit, goals / aims, specialists, emotion, etc.

Supervisorial work

McCanzie’s concept: 3 dimensions:

1. Ideas: analyze problem, conceptual thinking about matters need to be done.
2. Things: to administer or manage the details of executive affairs (framework)
3. People: the task is to exercise leadership and influence, organize people so that they accomplish the desired goals.

Management functions (such activities that are being carried out):

1. Continuous functions are: analyzing problems related to ‘Ideas’, making decision related to ‘administration’, and communication related to ‘people’.
2. Sequential functions: planning (future development, setting of objectives, strategies, budgeting, resources allocation, procedures, standardization, policies etc.), organizing (structure, relationship lines), staffing (recruit, select, scan, orient, and train employees), directing (related to operations, delegation, empowerment, coordination, managing change / differences, motivation and inspiration), controlling ( report system, performance standards, measuring results, rewarding, corrective actions).

Personality is inherited from the parents (gens) plus what we have learnt from the environment (influences).
Attitude (hard to change), behavior can be changed
Cognitive knowledge versus practical knowledge, information society- knowledge society
Comparison of societies: agricultural, industrial, information.

Intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs

Information society: main aim is to improve the quality of life.

Leading role: in the old times landlords or shareholders decided everything. In the new society there are visionary leaders who in order to improve quality change mentality. New...

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