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Manifest Destiny Essay

  • Submitted by: gondoejew
  • on December 11, 2008
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Manifest Destiny

Bang! The gun was shot, and the land-run began. Hundreds of people raced across the state of Oklahoma to claim practically free land. My views about Manifest Destiny were affected greatly by the movie we saw about westward expansion and Angie Debo. Yes, westward expansion improved and expanded the white men’s settlements greatly, but there was another people’s story that seems forgotten.
The idea of Manifest Destiny was a fresh look on the expansion of the United States. This idea was that there would be settlements all the way from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. This was the white men’s dream and goal. When they reached the West, they found that there were Native Americans that had already made settlements there. They had been promised this land would be theirs until the end of time. The white men were determined to continue their pursuit for Manifest Destiny, so they found a way to cheat the Native Americans out of their money, land, and even freedom.
Before I saw the movie, I did not know much at all about Manifest Destiny. I now realize it was a huge deal for the white men and the Native Americans. When the white men arrived in Oklahoma and found many different Native American tribes that already had settlements, they had to think up a plan. They resorted to Native American allotment. This process was to entitle each Native American to a certain amount of land. In the treaty that stated the land would belong to the Native American Indians forever, it didn’t specify which Native Americans owned which parts of the land. The white men told the Native Americans that it was for their benefit to give each of them their own land. This way they could buy and sell as they pleased. This was a lie. The white men did it for their benefit and only their benefit. Since the Native Americans did not know much about money, they would be cheated out of their land for almost nothing. The speaker who taught us more about Angie Debo after the movie...

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