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March To Freedom Essay

  • Submitted by: goofyhjw
  • on December 6, 2011
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A Lesson We All Can Learn
In the book March to Freedom: A Memoir of the Holocaust, the main character Edith showed an important lesson that we can learn from her, she showed what true bravery is all about. Edith has showed throughout the book that it is important to be strong and brave like when she stole food to help her families hunger. Edith and Petyu were brave enough to sneak out at night time pass the guards; they ran over to the truck filled up with vegetables and loaded up their sacks they made. "Then it was my turn to run, grab a potful of potatoes, and bring them to Petyu" (47).   This shows that, they needed to be brave to complete this task, so they could steal more food for themselves and everyone else in their barracks. When Edith was being brave most of her acts helped out people. Edith always tried to help out people in her camp like letting her teacher use the latrine when no one was allowed to use it. "I looked around. With no one watching, I opened the door. ‘Quickly!’ I whispered, and she ran into the latrine" (40). Edith could have not let her use it due to the fact in was a huge risk. Edith looked around and then let her use it to help her out because Edith knew it was the right thing to do. Since Edith was being brave by helping people out, it involved her to take some risks. She tried to escape her check-in line to join her mother and older sister. "[Someone] grabbed me from behind, slapped me hard on the face, and pushed me back into the right line" (52). She was trying to sneak over to her family which was a huge risk that could have end in her death but she was caught and that was her last chance or next time it could end in her death. This book shows us a lot of lessons that we all can learn within a deeper meaning by being brave and doing what is right in everyday situations.

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