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Marijuana Essay

  • Submitted by: dooley33
  • on December 7, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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Society today is an assortment of opinions; billions of opinions in fact. Religious beliefs have lead millions of lives over the last several thousand years. Unfortunately war and death follow close behind. Beliefs on abortion and civil rights are amongst today’s leading movements. America in particular likes to believe they are free of any form of discrimination and that every citizen is being treating with equality. Such a thing is not possible though.   But America has just elected the countries first black president; in most eyes a very large step forward. Along with this monumental change comes other laws and legislations that need to be re-evaluated. Dog racing has been ban in many states including Massachusetts. Gay marriage has been revoked in the state of California; leaving thousands feeling betrayed by a society that on the outside appears to demand fair treatment. The legalization of marijuana is another one of those issues that were voted on in several states. Again Massachusetts voted and decided that small possession of marijuana should not present a criminal charge, but a civil fine. This does not legalized the substance, but it does down grade its severity and may pave the way for legal use someday. The question is should it be?
A question of this sort is sort creates much debate. Those opposed to legalizations have many creditable arguments to elaborate on. Teenagers are the first and for most front. Marijuana has been proved to distort brain development among adolescents. Children also lose focus in school and don’t set and strive for high achievement while using marijuana. This drug paralyzes brain cells and distorts reality. Despite this public information children continue to use this substance at alarming rates. This is often due to peer pressure and creating an image for themselves. The Monitoring the Future Survey, which conducts yearly surveys, asks kids in 8, 10 and 12 grade to participate in the questions. In 2001 they found that 20...

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