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Marijuana: An Untapped Economic Reserve Essay

  • Submitted by: Bonash13
  • on December 10, 2008
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Marijuana:   An Untapped Economic Reserve
In 1937. the Marijuana Tax Act criminalized the possession and distribution of marijuana in the United States, placing it in the same category as cocaine and opium. As predicted by the American Medical Association, and others who fought the passage of the bill, criminalization did not curtail use (Yacoubian 21).   For the past seventy years, pro-legalization advocates have continued to   fight an uphill battle, yet are making great strides toward the legalization of marijuana. “A dozen states have adopted legislation in recent years allowing patients with certain illnesses to legally use marijuana as a medicine” (Marshall). While this may appear like a time for celebration among the pro-marijuana community, it will take a significant number of medical users to establish the benefits of the drug before it will be legalized.   The following paper will argue that the current state of the United States’ economy provides legislators with the perfect opportunity to reconsider their political position in regards to the criminalization or legalization of marijuana.   While government officials scramble to find a cure for the economic hemorrhaging at hand, they have turned to costly government bailouts to rectify the situation. What is needed is a low cost, high profit product that will promote economic growth and help pull the United States out of debt.   This paper will argue that that Marijuana is that product and should be legalized and taxed in the United States.
Opponents claim that if marijuana was legalized it would force the U.S. government to spend billions of dollars on drug control. Due to the United States skewed policies regarding marijuana, the legalization of the drug would actually curb the billions of dollars spent each year in an attempt to control marijuana trafficking. Most of the laws that made marijuana illegal were put into place mainly to stop the importation of the drug. The Comprehensive Drug Abuse and...

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