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Marilyn Monroe - Freud Interpretation Essay

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  • on March 2, 2011
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The life of Marilyn Monroe is one that shows a lot of struggle, independence, and pride, but also pain, addiction, and immorality. Many people have analyzed this actress, relating problems in her life to her childhood, and giving psychological viewpoints on why her life took the course that it did. One person who never analyzed this famous icon was Sigmund Freud, who would be able to shed a great deal of light on her life and problems. By using the Freudian theory, we are able to understand to a certain point why Marilyn did some of the things she did. We can understand this by looking at ego and super-ego formation, the oral, phallic, and anal stages, certain defense mechanisms she used, and also through symbolic behavior and parapraxis. Unfortunately, there isn’t much known about the weaning or potty training of Marilyn Monroe, so, like a true Freudian, we must instead look at her older years to determine what went wrong in her earlier life.
The first stage to be analyzed is the oral stage. It is known that Marilyn didn’t get everything she needed in her early life, very likely including proper weaning. She was likely not allowed libido pleasure through the mouth. So, we can conclude from this that she is an oral independent. One can argue this by looking at her adult life. She was distrusting, somewhat unhappy, and isolated from close relationships. Even in her younger years, she was isolated, by no fault of her own, from close and personal relationships. She lived in foster homes and orphanages, creating a lack of attachment. And although she was married several times, none of them ended in closeness or in happiness. She also looked for pleasure through the mouth from her environment, as her prescription drug addiction and alcoholism show, as does the way she died (through oral drug overdose) (Oates, 2001). She also became famous by acting, that is, by talking on screen. This use of the mouth further shows her oral fixation, as does the fact that she had a...

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