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Marketing & UK Socio-Economic Trends Essay

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Part A-1: Socio-Economic Trends in the UK over Last Decade

The following analysis of key social trends will focus on the six major forces of our macroenvironment as identified by Kottler & Keller. (2009). These forces include demographic, economic, social-cultural, natural, technological and political legal.   The data to support this trend analysis has been compiled from the UK Office of National Statistics, the Social Issues Research Centre and the UK Statistics Authority.


Major changes in demographic trends over the past 10 years:

• Total UK population increased 3.4%. England received 92% of that growth.  
• The average age of men and women has gone from 37 years old to 39.   The number of people 85 and older has doubled.
• Net immigration has increased significantly in the last decade.   The majority are from the Commonwealth followed by Polish, French and Germany.
• More people in England have moved from south to north in the last decade.

The population has gotten older and they are living longer. The vast majority of growth in the UK has been in England, particularly around London and although the general trend is for some internal migration north, it is not significant enough to be considered a population shift.   Immigration has been a major topic over the last decade impacting everything from jobs and unemployment to crime and social benefits.


Major changes in economic trends over the past 10 years:

• Decrease in manufacturing, increase in service sector jobs.
• Average number of hours worked has dropped from 38.5 to 37.1
• Average salaries have increased approximately 20%
• Spending trends include housing (up 88%), leisure services (up 81%), household services (up 62%) and motoring (up 50%)
• Women in full-time employment has increased 18%
• Gap between the rich and poor has grown wider
• Individual insolvency has gone up 400% since 1998
• House prices have risen 240% since 1992

People are making...

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