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marriage Essay

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Below is an essay on "marriage" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

imes are changing and values are also changing. Gone are the days of race , religion , culture, chasitiy etc, Today only money, popularity sex count. Hence we see many dating , from outside race, social class and ethnicity.This is the senario nowadays.Yes, I have dated outside my own social class or racial or ethnic group.I am african and I dated a girl that was   half Sicilian and half Puerto Rican and it didn't bother me in the least that he was of another race.. I did not do it because of money, sex or popularity either.I met her through my social network. I had close friends who are ethnically diverse and who support interdating across ethnic or racial boundaries.About 55 % of Americans have interdated-gone out with a member of another racial or ethnic group.(Wellner, 2005). I think it's great. For one thing, when a lot of people do it it can ease racial and religious tensions because it means people are overcoming these prejudices against each other. I understand it can also cause tensions, but that's why it has to keep happening, maybe someday everyone will be fine with it. Personally, race is not an issue, I'll date anyone who is kind, funny, and smart and that I have chemistry with.Interdaters are more likely to be men than women, and more likey asian american or african american than lationo or white. Marriages and contraints by benokraitis pg 237.I don't see race, social class or ethnic group   as affecting   my relationships but that sometimes tends to be the case.   There are just too many social differences, mainly because people in different racial groups have different values. But this is the norm especially if you are in the US then I would state that one of the problems a lot of people in this country still have is that they are worried about inconsequetial non-issues like race, ethnicity and class.The important thing about the person you are dating should be that they treat you with respect and you have a mutual attraction.   There are women that would...

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