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Mars Essay

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Curtis Adkins


Mars is the fourth planet from the sun and lies between our home planet Earth and the gas giant Jupiter. Throughout the years, people have always been interested in this popular planet as it appeared in the night sky as a bright, red star. While people gazed at this enchanting celestial object in the sky, they could not help but wonder what this planet was all about. This encouraged people to learn all they could about Mars. We now consider Mars as one of the most interesting planets due to its history, its unique environment, and its ongoing popularity with people and astronomers.
Since the beginning of time, many people including people of ancient cultures, have been fascinated with the planet Mars. The ancient Greeks called this planet Ares, which is their god of war. Mars actually got its name from the Romans when they named it after their god of war. Long ago, Mars caught peoples’ attentions because it appeared as a pale pink object in the sky, sometimes being red. Nowadays, we call Mars “The Red Planet”.
Mars is a very unique and special planet. It has the largest volcano in the solar system and it is called Olympus Mons. Like Earth, Mars also has polar caps which are made of frozen carbon dioxide and small amounts of water. An astronomer observed many straight lines on the surface of Mars through a telescope and he called these lines canali, which is the Italian word for “channels”. Mars is also the home of the greatest gorge in all the solar system which we call the Valles Marineris. Mars has two moons. One is called Phobos and the other is called Deimos.
Mars is one of, if not the most, popular planet in our solar system. Many people have wondered if life existed on this desolate planet, often calling them Martians. There have been many movies and books based on the thought of Martians, such as The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells. People and astronomers have been so interested in Mars that they have even conducted space...

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