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Martin Luther Essay

  • Submitted by: ges459
  • on February 23, 2011
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Luther Essay
James M. Kittelson did an excellent job portraying Luther’s whole life in a very orderly fashion and in excellent detail, both the good things that happened in Martin Luther’s life, but also some of the bad things that not the average school teaches during Reformation.
The exact ordering of everything that took place is in this book is impeccable. The way Kittelson added the little headings on almost every other page made this book a very easy read. The headings alone are a series of accurate accounts that happened in Luther’s Life. There was usually always at least one reference note in every section, which makes me believe that Kittelson really took his time when writing this book. He made sure that every little detail about Luther was as accurate as he could get. In the bibliography at the end of the book, there is over one hundred different sources. Kittelson admits in the bibliography that creating one on Martin Luther is nearly impossible, but he does an excellent job collecting both primary and secondary sources to make sure that every detail he puts into his book describes Martin Luther’s whole life and displays him as “the whole man."
Kittelson portrayed many good things that happened in Martin Luther’s life in detail. During every section of the book where Luther was being questioned on any of his works or something he believed, Kittelson gave the impression that Luther was never going to back down from attacks. This gives the impression that everything Luther said in his writings was true because if someone wrote things like that and knew they weren’t true, he or she would back down if threatened with excommunication in a world where religion means a lot on a person’s life. Another good thing that happened in his life that was told well was how he came about the money for his education. All the events that led up to Frederick providing the money for Luther’s further education was explained. Kittelson did not, however, just make...

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