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Masculinity Essay

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Masculinity and the Change in Men                

Masculinity and femininity has changed throughout the years but not every male and female has changed with it. Gender roles are a set of expected behaviors for males and females that defines a person’s nature. However, our gender roles are becoming more mixed up as time moves on. This essay will explore the attitudes towards traditional masculinity varied by culture, technology and education. “As men have been changing, so too has the study of men and masculinity.” (Kimmel, 1987)

Traditionally, masculinity is defined as being strong, assertive, protective, not emotionally expressive or intellectually rational, meaning that they are the breadwinners.   “The traditional gender role scenario states that men basically are responsible for the economic security of the family; that is, men are seen as the breadwinners, and women are pictured as being dependent on men.” (Paludi, 2004) These masculine traditions contain “values and beliefs passed on from generation to generation.” (John J. Macionis, 2008) In the 20th century, men wanted to obtain a big presence, meaning that they were physically strong, emotionally stable and confident. “A man should always try to protect an air of confidence even if he really doesn’t feel confident inside.” (Kimmel, 1987)

Now, masculinity has changed significantly and peoples perception and understanding of it has increased. The role of masculinity has become more feminine, in a sense that some aspects of femininity and masculinity have either disappeared or combined. “Men are today developing a wider repertoire of emotions, seeking to express their feelings more deeply and with a wider range of women and men.” (pg 9 Changing Men, Michael S. Kimmel). Most men have remained in their masculine occupation, but some are involved in jobs that are considered feminine. “ Men today are doing far more housework and spending more time with their children” (Kimmel, 1987). However,...

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