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Mastery Essay

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George Leonard's book, Mastery, is a book that helps to teach us to master excellence in our everyday lives. Leonard goes over, in his book, personality types, 5 keys to mastery, and how to master tasks in everyday life, and how to overcome procrastination and emptiness. Mastery teaches us what the modern world does not, and it is a very useful tool.
The modern world does not teach us excellence. The Ancient Greek strove for excellence, and the idea was, if we only live once, why be mediocre, the logical choice would be to strive for excellence in everything we do. Leonard's book teaches this excellence. He teaches that the five keys to excellence are: instruction, practice, surrender, intentionality, and the edge. Instruction means that we should find a knowledgeable person from which we can learn our skill. Practice is self-explanatory, meaning we need to practice in order to succeed. Surrender is the third key, and this means that we need to realize that we need help, and that we need to surrender to our teacher. The fourth key, intentionality, is misleading. Leonard uses this term to explain that we need to visualize everything we do beforehand. When I used to swim, I would use this technique when I went on the block before I jumped in the water and started my race. It is extremely effective. The fifth and final key is the edge. The edge basically means you have to be careful. You cannot push yourself too hard, nobody is capable of striving beyond excellence. Once you achieve something at the master level, you have achieved excellence.
Another important concept that Leonard discussed was the learning curve. The learning curve consists of increases learning (line going up), a plateau (line staying flat), and a decrease in motivation (line going down). A master pushes past the plateau in order to strive for excellence, to "master" each skill. There are different personality types that have different learning curves. These personality types are as follows:...

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