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Math And Nature Essay

  • Submitted by: bcetak
  • on December 5, 2011
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Mathematical observations discussed by Strogatz in this first chapter conclude that there is synchronization within a variety different of communities in nature, let alone the groups of fireflies. Strogatz also mentions menstrual cycles of women, sperm swimming side by side in harmony, the cause of epilepsy. As well as natural phenomena he mentions a few unnatural constructs, such as Peskin’s pulse oscillators and the pulsing unison of atoms that emit light in laser beams (14). Yet, the connection is not the cause of mathematics but the similar patterns can be better explained through mathematics.
Nature does not produce mathematical patterns; we attribute mathematics to the reoccurring happenings in nature. Some could say this is one and the same, but our ability to categorize in order to communicate, innate in communication, leads to an empirical conclusion of whether mathematics is created or discovered. We take data, the flashing rhythm of the fireflies and then make generalizations, for example, the theory that best explains many oscillating cycles throughout nature, pheromones. Strogatz says it best “…mathematics can expose the underlying unity of phenomena that otherwise seem unrelated.” (31). Although mathematics must be rational, all observations must be carefully followed through every sense we can experience a particular case in nature, deduce reasoning for why this happens to thus find and explanation. Many of the explanations given for the fireflies of Thailand or those of the Great Smoky Mountains derive from many other theories provided to shed light on similar patterns throughout nature.
Mathematics has been created rather than discovered for the simple fact that it was not already in existence. Moreover, the competent process of taking chaos and molding it into a symbolic structure enables our understanding of the universe. The implication of mathematics being discovered infers the data, patterns and recognition of synchrony within communal...

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