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Math Smart Essay

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  • on February 28, 2011
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English 101, Section 064
1 December 2010
Math Smart
Do you like imagining what kind of work you will do when you grow up? What do you think you will like or dislike about work? Work is a necessity for most people, but even so, the reasons people give for working are many and varied. So why do people work? There are a lot of individual and personal answers to this particular question, but some common ones are these: I want to earn money, I like to put my skills to good use and be part of a team, I enjoy work especially if I like my colleagues, and if I believe my work is important. Of course we need to consider money as one of the most important parts of our lives; however, interest and joy doing a job are every bit as essential as money. You may not have decided yet what you want to be in the future, but to make a right decision choosing your future career, you need to create a list and think about things you like doing now.
As you, my young ten-year old friend have told me, you really like to go to school and learn new, interesting things from your teacher. Especially, you like to do work on math problems, and math is your favorite subject in school. So, most probably, when you grow up, you will be interested in having a math related career as I do. When I was in school, math was my most enjoyed subject, and I was good at it just as you are now. I loved, and still love, to solve different kinds of mathematical problems and complicated equations. Also, I like to work with tables and charts and do paper work, so I intend to have a math career. Because you, too, love math and want to enter a math career, I will help you to explore the variables of several areas you will find helpful. As an auditor, for example, you should learn the nature of the work, the educational path. You may not now be very interested in its employment opportunities and earnings. In addition, I will teach you how to save money – always a good idea, and this certainly employs math! You...

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