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Maus Essay

  • Submitted by: Markamos43
  • on December 6, 2011
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Maus by Art Spiegelman is said to be a tale of survival.   The books depict the journey of Art’s father, Vladek.   Vladek Spiegelman was a Jewish World War two survivor, who has seen it all, and now is telling his story to his son.   The book depicts Vladek’s tale through a comic book style where all Jews are represented by mice, while the Nazis are cats.   Although at first it may strike you as a bit offensive, by the end of the book it is clear that analogy is perfect for how Vladek felt during those terrible times.
Part one of Maus starts off with Vladek telling his son how he met Art’s mother Anaj. At the time Vladek and Anaj met he was dating another girl, Lucia Greenberg, but Vladek didn’t seem to like her much although Lucia was clearly in love with him.   Vladek’s tale truly starts when he meets Anaj Zylberberg.   Soon after they married Vladek found out that Anaj was delivering communist messages for one of her ex-boyfriends from Warsaw.   Although she never got into serious trouble it did shake up their marriage until they had their first child, Richieu.   And soon after that Vladek was drafted by the Polish army to go fight on the German front.   Once on the German front, Vladek soon finds himself in some trouble, one day he sees what he said was a walking tree.   The walking tree turned out to be a German soldier heading towards him, using branches for cover.   Although the soldier fell to the ground and surrendered, Vladek still shot him until he was dead.   He later was told to go back, find the body, and then carry the body back to be buried.   Soon after being released from the army he boards a train that is supposed to bring him to Sosnowiek, but instead it goes all the way into German controlled Lublin. Once in a Lublin concentration camp he only stays for a while until he is realeased, he then gets help from a Polish train conductor and is able to get back home to see his family.   Once Germans took control of the area around Vladek they forced all...

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