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The Meaning Of School Sports Essay

  • Submitted by: xlucidskiesx
  • on December 7, 2008
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Joe McDonald

The Meaning of School Sports?

With such a variety of school sports, many students participate in them.   Even if a student is not a sport team, they are still required to take gym as a class.   Although one of the goals of school sports and gym class is to teach teamwork, it seems as if it is teaching students they have to be athletic to be special.   It is a fact not everyone is athletic.   That is why I do not believe school sports teach teamwork.

Most athletes want to win a trophy or an award like MVP.   It makes them feel better or superior to their other teammates.   But sometimes that’s all athletes are worried about.   The sports can take concentration off schooling which is very important.   In the sport of wrestling, athletes have to get their weight down to get into a certain wrestling class.   They are under a lot of pressure by their coaches to diet strictly and work out.   There is an open window for those practices to become unhealthy.   This shows getting a team award for being dedicated could be worth less than its price.

This being said, not every athlete just plays sports to be competitive.   Some of them get the true meaning of playing sports, which is to learn what it means to be a team.   It is also about learning how to be a good sport and not a sore loser.   In the cases where this is what athletes learn sports are a success.   But that is not what happens in every case.

In gym classes at Lumen Christi and Jackson High students are graded on how many pushups they can do, how far they can jump or stretch, etc.   The meaning of gym classes is to help students release stress and stay in shape.   Giving grades on how athletic a student is can hurt other students’ confidence that are not as athletic.   Hurting a student’s confidence is definitely not helping them out in the real world or helping them learn team work.   Grading like this only makes the fitter students more conceited.

Once students and athletes are out of high school...

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