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Measure Of All Things Essay

  • Submitted by: onerocksmith
  • on December 5, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Protagoras believed that man was the measure of all things.   Following this theory, an individual’s perceptions of reality is true.   Therefore, what appears to be true to me is true, and what appears to be true for you is also true.   This perspective is thought by many to be an extreme form of relativism.   This theory becomes problematic when it leads to the idea that all perceptions are equally true, and thus, leaves little room for expertise in any particular area of knowledge.   Protagoras agrees that some men are indeed wiser than others; however, he does not believe that men can be right or wrong.   A man might be perceived as wiser than another, though it doesn’t mean that their beliefs or opinions are any truer than a man who is less wise on a given subject.   Protagoras states that the opinion’s of a person who is wise on a particular subject are better.   He does not believe that the wise person’s opinions are any truer than the average man’s opinion.   Therefore, how can one be certain of wisdom or truth?   In taking this outlook, one could be deterred from pursuing more in-depth knowledge of a subject because one’s opinions would already be respected or regarded as truth.   I, personally, find the perception of truth to be unique to every individual.   The issue of what is truth/reality has been contemplated for centuries.   Plato, a successor of Protagoras, had his own theory he believed better described the truth of reality and knowledge.
      Plato thought that Protagoras’ mantra was absurd because truth and morality were dependent on each individual’s wishes.   Plato searched for something more constant in the measure of truth and goodness than Protagoras had initially proposed- something more objective, independent, and absolute.   For Plato, the measure of truth was a world separate from this world, a transcendent world of Being where truth existed.   This world was populated with realities that he called Forms.   These Forms were independent of our minds and...

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