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Media And Justice Essay

  • Submitted by: nagrajkzp
  • on March 3, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Media and justice


The media brings in daily the news we expect and the unexpected, the various forms of media that we use either to communicate or to disseminate the information is bringing some kind of revolution/change in the world we live. Every thing that happens in the world good, bad, worst, discoveries, jubilations, sorrow, or pain, Cases like war in Middle East to the unrest in African continent, the volcano eruption in Hawaiian island to drug mafias in Mexico every thing is known to us through the medium called media.

We hear about the human rights violations see corruption, domestic violence or crimes committed in and around the world. Not only in India that human rights violations are reported but through out the world. These violations are not only committed by the ordinary folks on his neighbors or colleague at work places and homes but also by the state which governs us. Most of the atrocities are committed by the state in the name of law and order, saying and defending it by as duty/obligation of the state to protect its citizens, what about the undercover deals of leasing the national resources worth millions of rupees by the governments at center and state. What about the black Money which is stashed away in the foreign banks by the industrialist and politicians of the nation, who is watching them is the forth estate of the nation is watching? As it says that it is its duty to act as watch dog.   What is media doing, is the media doing the job which it is supposed to do? Well most of the times it is not. It is going hand in hand with the government and the recent example Neera Radia who was exposed having links with prominent journalist heading noted organizations shows what media is doing or few powerful people in the media are doing. What are the 24x7 news channels doing? Are they giving the information which is required by the public? well it is not. Most of the time they give the stories/issues which are not in the interest...

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