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The Media and Psychology Essay

  • Submitted by: rbwiidob205
  • on November 30, 2008
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Below is an essay on "The Media and Psychology" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The media is the middle man. The people that bring the image of " true beauty" to us through magazines, tv, and other forms of media. On the one hand it is their job to do what they do and to put it plain and simple those people (actors, models, etc.) are in fact beautiful ; however on the other hand it should not make us feel like lesser people to see others who are slightly more good looking or physically fit. People in America see them and just feel bad about themselves. Those stars have to work hard at gyms and eat small amounts of food to keep their image and it's their job. All cultures do not share the same view because most other cultures aren't worried in the least about things like that. Other cultures are more aware of everything else. Well you could test how many people actually keep their new eating habits from the diet. many people think that when a diet starts to work and you get to your target weight, that they can go back to eating the same foods they used to and think they won't gain it back. Another explanation is that some think that because they are at their new weight they will maintain it no matter what they eat or don't do. For others the problem is mentally and not physically.

Well first you must get in tune with what students like and what really motivates a person. Many university students perform poorly because of worrying about other things most of the time like things with their car, apartment, food. So how not better to help a student than with things that could help with their personal life. For the program you could have set goals that all the students in the program must achieve in order to win gas cards and money for grocerys or money for their living expenses. Or maybe they need a tutor and don't have the money, why not someone do some volunteer work and coach and teach them for free. Sometimes a person just needs to be pushed. In my own words emotional means bringing in feelings and different emotions into conversation or...

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