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The Media's Influence Essay

  • Submitted by: nhlafhle86
  • on November 23, 2008
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Below is an essay on "The Media's Influence" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Seeing nearly naked people, impossibly perfect looking people, and pregnant teens all over the media subconsciously brainwashes people to think the way the media wants them to. The media is influencing us too much, we follow whatever the "trend" is and we don't think for ourselves. Casual naked people dancing around, thin and built models, and teen pregnancy is subconsciously affecting us to think all of this is okay.

Seeing almost naked people casually dancing in music videos and commercials will give people the wrong idea. If you see casual almost naked people all over the media some children, teens and easily influenced adults will think that it is socially acceptable to wear revealing clothing. Teens also may think that it is considered to be "hot" or "sexy" to be wearing this type of revealing clothing. With women being constantly sexually exploited all over the media, it influences teens to think that it is socially acceptable to be engaging in sexual activities at such young age. Twenty to thirty years ago you didn't hear about teens engaging in sexual activities quite as often, but then again you also didn't see these inappropriate images all over the television and in magazines. In conclusion seeing these things sprawled all over the media is causing us to think that this is okay and natural.

Having overly thin girls and extremely built guys all over the media gives people the message that we must all look like these people in the magazines and on television. These overly thin girls and overly built guys gives people the impression that we should all look like them. Feeling the pressure to look this certain way results in eating disorders and over exercising which can lead to illness and even to the extreme death. Having these thin attractive people in magazines and on television makes people feel bad about the way that they look which can lead to stress and anxiety.   Many teens will ask their friends "Do I look good today?", "Do I look fat?", and...

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