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Medina 5 Essay

  • Submitted by: go0dstuff23
  • on December 4, 2011
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Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology
Symbolic Interactionism:
  * What Symbols are being used? The symbols being used are the daughter and the blind parents. These symbols define our relationships and tell us how relate to each other.
  * How are the symbols being used? Symbols are being used as a way of discriminating the parents of Mikaela. The symbols of the blind parents to society mean that you can barely take care of yourself, much less take care of a new born.
  * How do the symbols shape perception? The symbols change perception because the nurses and the social workers did not see that her blindness wasn’t the biggest problem. It was the mothers first time being a mother and she was clumsy as any other mother would be when first breast-feeding her baby. But now that the first time mother is blind, this is a cause for concern.
  * What interaction is taking place? The interaction taking place is that of a mother who is trying to explain to the world that she is a mother and will take care of her daughter, Mikaela, no matter what it takes. She will prove it and do not want any other blind parent to suffer the same obstacle.
  * How are the parties being influenced by their interaction with one another? When the nurse wrote down that the parents did not have the specialized training to assist them with Mikaela, it shows a cold side of society but when the lawyers on Johnson’s side heard they, and many others did what they could to bring their daughter back to her parents.
Functionalism Analysis:
  * What parts of society are involved? The parts of society being involved are the parents and the social workers who fit together to make a whole. But in this case they are over analysis the responsibilities of the parents and not letting both parties get involved as a whole community to help each other.
  * What functions do the parties play? The functions the blind parents play are that of new parents who have a disadvantage but want to succeed...

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