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Memior Essay

  • Submitted by: swnpvedy13
  • on July 28, 2009
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Gabe Tollin Tollin 1
ENC 1101
July 12, 2009
Memoir/Dr. Donnelly

Blind Sided!

It’s amazing how in life I could be doing everything right and not making any mistakes,
but one idiot who does make a mistake completely changed my life.   I remember pulling out
of my driveway, and Amber my girlfriend was already asleep.   She was tired that night and
passed out literally seconds after sitting down and buckling her seatbelt.   I began to drive
her home, driving out of my neighborhood and towards the main road of Atlantic Boulevard. I
looked both ways, not seeing a car in either direction I pulled across the street and began
heading west on Atlantic Boulevard.   Once on the main road I began to accelerate up to the forty
five mile per hour speed limit. Suddenly a light shined through my rear view mirror, blinding
me.   I gazed into my back window to see where the bright lights were coming from, and I saw a
car up rearing my bumper expeditiously.   I began to move into the left lane to let him pass, but I
wasn’t fast enough.   It felt as if a train hit me, I jolted forward as his car pummeled into mine,
and then jolted back as the impact ended.  
At this point I felt myself gliding across the road and over the median as I saw my car
just miss hitting a tree by literally inches.   My car had finally stopped; it took me a second to
realize where I was.   When I came to my senses I realized that we were on the opposite side of
the road.   The bright lights came back, but this time right in front of me.   Within a second of
realizing where I was I felt the impact of another car accident, this time head on.   For a second I
Tollin 2
forgot where I am again, can’t breathe, and I feel some intense pain.   I look around and regain
my perception of what is going on.   Amber is crying and looks like she is in a lot of pain.   I
reassure her that she will be ok and go to try and get out of my car.  
The door is stuck, so I kick it...

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