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Memory Essay

  • Submitted by: gqsprueq376
  • on August 19, 2009
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My memory of everything has always been a blur. There are a lot of reasons for it, though one of them is clear, it is a place where we keep a lot of things. Secrets, hopes, past, places, names, and other stuff that describes our life. Memory is a way of holding on to the things we love and hate, the things we were and are, the things we lost and never want to lose. It is a place where we keep our past, present, and future identities.

Most of the things memories hold are the things we lost and are now gone. These things describe who we were. A lost relationship that you grieved for days shows that that relationship was a part of you. If you lost a mere pen and it made you sad, it means that you used to give importance to the things you had, small or big. If a dear relative dies and you don’t shed a teardrop or two, it shows how tough you were. These memories describe your characteristics, whether you loved fancy clothes or simple parties or reading. Whether you hated rock bands or dancing or pets, these things describe your past identity or identities. Memories even shows where you belonged before, like gangs or church groups or bands. Like Bruce Dawe’s poem “Drifters” where the mother remembers her first memories of the house before they move to another, it shows that the house is a part of her identity and by leaving the place a part of her is somewhat lost.   These things are the things we have lost. But what about the things we don’t want to lose?

If we do not want to lose something, it means that we love that thing. Our memory preserves these things, whether they are still present or not. Our family, partners, friends, and work, we love all of these things and through our memory they remain intact. Like the poem “With You Not by Me” where the poet writes for his wife about their love even though they are not together, the poet’s memory of his wife is enough to remember that he loves her. But we do not only remember the things we love, we also remember...

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