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The Merchant of Venice Essay

  • Submitted by: wangfute
  • on December 6, 2008
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William Shakespeare(1564 - 1616) was a English poet and playwright, which was catholically regarded as the greatest English writer and the world’s best dramatist. It seems like that most of his famous writings are tragedies, such as Hamlet, King Lear, and Macbeth; However, he also has some comedic productions which were extremely worthy for us to read and enjoy.
With the development of the modern society, money   plays a more and more important role; People also like to judge people or things by their
appearances nowadays. As a matter of fact, love is more important and powerful than money; To see through the appearance to perceive the essence has bacome the essential rule of judging or thinking nowadays.

The Merchant od Venice is about a comedy which happened in the sixteenth century. In 1596, Venice, youthful Bassanio asks for 3000 ducats from his friend, the merchant Antonio, to travel to Belmont and propose the beautiful Portia; However, Antonio has invested all his money to his ships, so Antonio has to borrow money from a usurer named Shylock. They made a unusual contract finally, which is if Antonio does not pay the money back without any interest three months later, Shylock will cut one pound of flesh from Antonio instead. During that time, Shylock’s daughter Jessica runs away from home with lots of his money and jewels, he’s got pissed-off. After that, three different vessels of Antonio sinks and he’s not able to pay his debts back to Shylock. As a result, the jewish Shylock goes to court of Venice to claim the execution of their deal. In spite of many requests, his tough mind does not accept any agreement except the one
established in their contract. With court assembled and a judgment due, Portia makes up as a male lawyer and finally saves Bassanio's friend -- Antonio. Therefore, at the end of the play, it seems like everyone get what they deserve.
First of all, in the play of The Merchant of Venice, Antonio and Portia take great risks to...

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