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Mesopitamia Essay

  • Submitted by: WilliamOliver
  • on December 4, 2011
  • Category: History
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William Thomas Oliver
11 September   2011
History 101
Mr. Alexander

The early Ancient Mesopotamian civilizations wrote laws that have evolved somewhat into what we use today in our modern laws.   What   I observed in this topic is that in Ancient Middle East laws were written by kings, not by a group of people known as a governing body.   The legal code of   Hammurabi from Ancient Middle Eastern time   were the most famous laws made after the Hebrew Torah.   These laws are interesting to most readers because it tells us how the attitudes of ancient Babylonians.   There attitudes were a little barbaric in a sense of the punishments, death, breaking of bones, gouging out of the eyes tied up and cast into the water, I guess its what we call now a days, “ an eye for eye, tooth for a tooth”.   But a lot of the laws written then have evolved into some of   what we abide by on a daily basis today.   Like the 16th code about a” runaway slave male or female of the court, shall give them up upon proclamation   of the police, shall be put to death”.   Now its called harboring a fugitive and the punishment is Probation or possibly jail time, a lot less severe than death.  
Hammurabi's code took the responsibilities of all public officials very seriously.   The governor of an area and city officials were expected to catch burglars.   If they didn’t catch the burglar, public officials in which the crime took place had to replace the lost property.   If a murderer got away, the officials had to pay a fine to the relatives of the murdered person. Soldiers were also expected to fill their duties. If a soldier hired   someone else to fight for him, he was put to death, and a substitute was given control of his estate.   The Code of Hammurabi also affected everyday life in Ancient Mesopotamia,   Builders were held accountable for their structures.   If a home fell on the owner and his family the builder would be put to death.   Also all goods destroyed by the collapse would have to be replaced...

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  • Submitted by: WilliamOliver
  • on December 4, 2011
  • Category: History
  • Length: 905 words
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