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Meta Essay

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  • on December 5, 2011
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The years between 1815 and 1828 are commonly called “The Awakening of American Nationalism.” In reality, this label is wrong. In these years the country was split in many different ways. For example, cotton greatly increased sectionalism, due to the fact that the south wanted slaves even more, while the north had no need. While its true that the country was moving in the right direction, sectionalism was a true issue. (Document J)

The song “The Hunters of Kentucky”, written in 1815, shows exactly how the country was running. These men did not sing anything about the United States. They repeating their individual state many times, which shows how divided they really were. (Document A) America did not have a unified dictionary. This brings up a huge issue in schools, because the youth around the states were not on the same page (Document B)

The United States expanded with the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. States wanted to become official, but there was a problem. The balance of slave states to non slave states had to be consistent. The Missouri compromise was passed. This said any states above the 36,30 line of latitude would be free, while any south would be slave. This is part of sectionalism. Each state was like factions with their own beliefs. It’s very difficult to achieve nationalism when the country has different laws on major concerns. (Document E) The issue with slavery continued when a case was brought to court about white men egging on the slaves to revolt. America was in gridlock with this case, simply because half were pro slave while half were not.   (Document F)

It seemed that political parties were no longer in the mix. A candidate would go to their section of the country that would get the most votes. The US couldn’t come up with two candidates that can run for two different parties because there were so much conflicting opinion. It wasn’t so much political, while sectionalism took over.   There were so many different opinions and candidates...

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