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Mexican Government Essay

  • Submitted by: sweetkika11988
  • on February 28, 2011
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Erika Gomez
History 443
November 18, 2010

Final Essay:
  Since the declaration of Independence in 1821, Mexico has struggled to maintain a social, political and economical stability.   Both people at the rich and poor level have seen the effects of an unstable government.   As a result many Mexicans have lost faith on the political system.   Others have chosen to move to the U.S.-Mexico border in seek of better opportunity.   Lastly, the uprising of opposition groups such as the EZLN have emerged in order to attain attention from the government.   The well being of Mexicans relies on the immediate action of the government in order to deal with the political and economical challenges of the 20th century.  
For more than seventy years the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) held power in the Mexican government.   This is sometimes seen as a prolonged extension of the Porfiriato tyranny of the late 1800’s.   Former President Carlos Salinas de Gortari (1988-1994) exclusively changed the educational textbooks appraising the era of the Porfiriato which many Mexicans showed no sympathy for.   However, others such as a character of the film Los Olvidados seemed to have praised such dictatorship because it had actually established order for the first time in Mexico.   The meaning of the Revolution for one had lost its true emphasis.   Aware of this, the PRI used bribery in order to keep its supporters. “ During the campaign the PRI always comes around and makes promises…but then, after the elections, things are always worse than before”   (pg. 73).  
The economy of Mexico has become so bad to the point where people live on their daily salaries to keep up with life demands.   Salinas sought a solution to the nations’ economic problems through the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1994.   An issue with NAFTA foreseen by Ruben Ergas, was that the government of Salinas needed to figure out a way to deal with the high consumption when not...

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