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Mexican wolf Essay

  • Submitted by: viper76
  • on December 3, 2008
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In 1914 the United States Congress approved the funding to destroy wolves. Many of the Government bounty hunters decided to help farmers to protect there livestock from the destructive creatures, and ever since there has been a chain reaction in the environment from coyote populations increasing to specific types of vegetation on the edge of extinction . we should bring back the Mexican wolf for a few reasons. Like the affect of the absents of the Mexican wolf   for over sixty years.
The Mexican wolf has been missing from   landscape for over sixty years. During the time period the populations of   White-Tailed deer,elk,pronghorn, rabbits, javelina have gone up by over fifty percent. So if we would   reintroduce the wolf back in to the environment it would not eat livestock. Which is the reason that it almost went extinction in the first place. How ever we would need restrictions on the range of the wolf and then we could build our farms as far as possible from the area. Also we could fence off big parts of government land to build these spots. I also think that we could do our part to be able to live with the wolf and not case there extinction. Like a few examples are we could not hunt them and we could use fake fur on our clothes and not the wolfs. Also we could lock up our livestock at night to prevent the wolf from hunting them.
However there would be some limits to what you can do to them like if they got aggressive and tried to attack you would have the right to shoot them. However they are usually shy animals and are not aggressive animals. According to a study there have been more attacks by dogs the wolfs.   And if they wondered out on the highway and you hit the you would not be charged, but if you just shoot one for no reason you would have a huge fine and have to go to court. Also you would not be able to go to the zones where they were. And   also people would have to use there brain like to keep there distance when they   see wolfs.
that the Mexican...

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