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Michigan Economy Essay

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Eric Howard

Michigan Economy
In an mixed market economy like ours in the U.S., we rely mostly on trade industry. We could produce enough enough food to live off of, but things would be expensive and get scarce quickly. It’s the more specific items we have a high demand for that we need to import/trade. Ipod’s, clothes, exotic foods, and mostly everything else we use in everyday life, are made in foreign country’s.
Our business cycle has had many peaks and troughs in it but we still have survived every recession with a recovery. GDP numbers mean there has been an increase or decrease in the amount of goods and services sold or an increase of prices. “Michigan’s economic output of the state was $383 billion in 2008.”   “The CPI for all urban consumers rose 0.3 % from June-August. Over the past year the CPI rose 0.4%.” As of now Michigan’s jobs are slowly but surely coming back. The current Unemployment Rate is 13.1%.
I believe our government needs to do something to help the percentage of jobs rise, and I also believe that putting a new governor in office will affect that. Instead of the state giving all this money away to help the banks and the auto industry out of debt, they should have given each law abiding taxpaying citizen a lump sum of cash back in there taxes. If that wouldn’t of helped the economy I don’t know what would have. I’m in favor of Obama’s healthcare plan and think it will help families across the United States. The fiscal policy is supposedly supposed to influence the economy, but it doesn’t seem like it’s in effect.
The issue on the Michigan Governor race can easily be fixed by electing a Democrat. I understand Jennifer Granholm is a democrat, but I do not like what she has done for our state. Including raising our hunting and fishing license prices. Honestly, if we can get her out of office I think there will be a turn for the best automatically. In my opinion out of all of the Michigan Governor candidates, Mr. Virg Benero...

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