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Microphone Stand Manual Essay

  • Submitted by: jmirzakandov
  • on December 14, 2008
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Microphone stands are needed to project the speaker’s or the singer’s voice. The microphone stand has different parts with different functions for each part. Knowing how to disassemble and assemble each part of the microphone stand would help in using it properly. After knowing the microphone stand it should be easy. The speaker’s voice should be loud and clear with the microphone stand how to manual.
The microphone stand has many pieces with different function for each. The microphone stand base is a very important part. The base has five legs and a center piece. Two of the legs are orange and eight inches long. The other two legs are red and 4.5 inches long. The last leg is blue and 3.5 inches long. The function of the base is to keep the microphone stand from falling over and holds the microphone up. Another important part is the stem of the microphone stand. The stem has three stem sections with two orange and one green pole. The stem also has three stem adjusters. The function of the stem is provided height and angle to be adjusted. The most important part of the microphone stand is the microphone. The microphone has two parts, the microphone head and the microphone steam. It provides projection and amplification of sound. The last part is the wires. The wires provided electricity. Knowing the function of each part of the microphone stand will help to sound loud and clear.
Disassemble and assemble the microphone stand is easy. Disassembling is simple. First, remove the wire from the stem adjusters and center piece. Then, remove microphone head and the microphone stem. Next, remove stem adjuster #1 and stem #1. After, remove stem adjuster #2 and stem #2. Now, remove the last stem adjuster and stem. Finally, take apart the base. Remove the red legs from the center piece. Remove both the orange legs. Finish by removing blue leg. Assembling is also simple. First, put together the base. Insert blue leg into the center piece. Insert first orange leg directly to...

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