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Mid Test For X Essay

  • Submitted by: dedihzahwa
  • on December 6, 2011
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Below is an essay on "Mid Test For X" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

  1. A : Linda is a lawyer
B : Really! ______   _____ she work?
A : In Jakarta
  a. Where does
  b. Where is
  c. Where do
  d. Where was
  e. Where did
  2. A : Do you play football?
B : Yes, I _______
  a. Play
  b. Do
  c. Did
  d. Played football
  e. am
  3. So, how _____ do you clean your apartment?
  a. Always
  b. Often
  c. Once a week
  d. Are
  e. Many
  4. _____ your college near your home?
  a. Does
  b. Do
  c. Did
  d. Was
  e. Is
  5. What kind of sports ____ you like
  a. Is
  b. Do
  c. Did
  d. Are
  e. Ф
  6. Today ____ the first day of the college terms. I have just got my new timetable. The first lesson is English
  a. Was
  b. Were
  c. Be
  d. Is
  e. Are
  7. He ____ me in his car to the station about nine miles away.
  a. Took
  b. Taken
  c. Take
  d. Takes
  e. Taked
  8. Hi Mom, What _____ you and Dad _____ today?
  a. Are/do
  b. Do/do
  c. Did/did
  d. Was/do
  e. Do/does
  9. I always _____ dressed
  a. Got
  b. Gotten
  c. Gets
  d. Get
  e. Getted
  10. In the evening I almost always have dinner ___ home
  a. In
  b. On
  c. At
  11. I ____ you yesterday evening, but you weren’t at home.
  a. Called
  b. Call
  c. Calls
  12. He doesn’t have a job, ____he?
  a. Doesn’t
  b. Does
  c. Is
  d. Isn’t
  13. The accident _____last week
  a. Happened
  b. Happens
  c. Happen
  d. Is happen
  14. A : When did the workers arrive?
  a. The workers arrived an hour ago
  b. The workers arrives an hour ago
  c. The workers arrive an hour ago
  d. The workers arrivet an hour ago
  15. A : Who/ you see/ at the meeting?
B : I saw my boss, but I didn’t see my friends
  a. Who did you see at the meeting?
  b. Who you see at the meeting?
  c. Who were you see at the meeting?
  d. Who did you saw at the meeting?
  16. I’d like to make a...

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