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Middle East Essay

  • Submitted by: karina3111
  • on December 15, 2008
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Whether it was five thousand years ago or even last night problems in the Middle East will always seem to pull everybody in. For the past centuries there have been constant conflicts in areas that surround Israel.

During WWII, Hitler started a genocide on the Jews. A lot of Jews died. The WWII displaced many more. Most were relocated to Palestine by the Allied. During that time Palestine, was still under British rules. Then WWII ended, the Jews refused to leave and wanted to set up their own country within Palestine.
The new country Israel was born. Then Britain ceded Palestine and everyone started taking sides. Many Arab nations formed close alliances with the Soviet Union, selling them oil in return for weapons systems, military training, and other things.

France, Britain, and to a lesser extent the US all helped Israel. We gave them guns and planes and bombs and tanks, and they kept the area at least partially pro-capitalism.

American M1 tanks, French Dassault Mirages, and British rifles helped beat Syria and Jordan and the other Arab nations in the Six Day War, the War of Attrition. American F-4 Phantoms played a pivotal role in the Yom Kippur war.

Soviet MiG planes and SAMs (surface to air missiles) claimed many Israeli planes in the Yom Kippur war, despite the fact the Arabs were crappy pilots compared to the Israelis.

After the war, control of Judea returned to British hands where it had been since about 1918 when General Allen by captured Jerusalem from the Ottoman Turks. During the war there had been some migration, after the war it increased dramatically. This caused a backlash among the Arab occupiers of the land that led to fighting between the two groups with the British caught in the middle.

Then Israel starts the campaign of luring all Jews from all over the world (due to the Diaspora) to come to Israel to repopulate it. Israel started to displaced local Palestinian. Arab countries were enraged. They see Israel as invader...

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