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Migrant Mother Essay

  • Submitted by: johnathandoe
  • on December 5, 2011
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“Migrant Mother”

“Migrant Mother” by Dorothea Lange is the very epitome of the life of the average family that had endured the times of The Great Depression.   It had become the very face of the time period for what pain and sacrifices were to be made to stay alive and stay strong when there was no one to help the helpless.
The photo immediately brings unhappy thoughts to the one looking at it, seeing mothering but a poor and hopeless family who is anything but satisfied with the situation.   The sadness from the mother makes assumptions that the rest of her family is also sad, even crying and not wanting to show themselves because of how they feel.   Even the baby, wrapped in what looks to be a dirty cloth that the mother found, seems not to be settle even when sleeping in a mother’s loving arms.
The body language and clothing shows they all aren’t able to fend for themselves, and are probably starving.   Because of the Depression, they must have to sell all of their possessions just to be able to survive and provides decent meals for all of them, as if buying time for their own lives.   The lighting in the photo looks to be outside, possibly in some kind of tent or shelter they have had to rig up for themselves for hopefully temporary living conditions.
The most dominate trait of the photo is the emotion coming from the Mother’s face.   The sadness she has expresses many different thoughts of what may being going on for this women.   She has her hand under her chin, showing she may be thinking a variety of things: “How did this happen?   What will we do next?   How do I take care of the children?”   Though sad, she still is looking straight out into the distance and eyes squinted, not even phased by the photographer who is taking a picture of her family, as if she is focused on something.   When most people feel sadness, they seem to have their heads down and looking towards the ground, but the mother, knowing she is down and out, still is still keeping strong and...

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