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migrant workers Essay

  • Submitted by: forschool009
  • on December 14, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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The global population of migrant workers has more than doubled since the 60's, and was The ILO estimates that there are about 20 million migrants spread over Africa, 18 million in North America, 12 million in Latin America, 7 million in South and East Asia, 9 million in the Middle East, and 30 million across all of Europe. Many of these workers are found in developing countries, where the amount of migrant workers has grown exponentially from 1965 to 1990. On a global economic scale, remittances from migrant workers account for the second largest source of international monetary trade, the first being petroleum exports. The migrant workers also provide unskilled and semi skilled labor to developing countries, and also highly skilled labor for more advanced countries. The boom in migrant workers has also reduced unemployment rates. These migrant workers boost the economy of their host country, and also bolster the economic competitiveness in the host country. These migrant workers also accelerate economic development, as displayed in areas such as the Caribbean and Southern Africa. The global problem with migrant workers is that many of them go undocumented, and are exploited by employers who force them to work long hours under inhumane conditions and for little, if any, pay. Of the estimated 96 million migrant workers around the world, the ILO believes that around 15% are undocumented in their host countries. This may be due to overly restrictive immigration policies that have been adopted by countries recently, and also to the commercialization of the private hiring sector. This problem, as do many other issues, leaves women and children more at risk than males, and are forced into slave labor, forced prostitution, and other unfavorable and illegal practices.
Many countries do not have laws about equality of migrant workers, especially illegal migrant workers who do not have rights to even enter or stay in the country. Also, with the loss of skilled migrant...

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