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Mill Essay

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  • on December 4, 2008
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In Paragraph 27, Mill presents another criticism of utilitarianism that it can lead people to be unsympathetic. To this criticism, Mill argues that this criticism is against all other systems other than utilitarianism because all ethical standards judge actions without considering the morality of those who performed them. However, if the criticism is meant to present that many utilitarians do not put enough stress on beauties of other people or characters, then the criticism can be appropriate. He states, on pg 344, “Utilitarians who have cultivated their moral feelings, but not their sympathies, nor their artistic perceptions, do fall into (this) mistake; and so do all other moralists under the same condition.” So he is saying that it could apply to any moral standards other than utilitarianism.
In Paragraph 28, Mill continues to talk about more misapprehensions about utilitarianism, such as considering utilitarianism as a godless doctrine because the moral foundation of utilitarianism is the human happiness instead of the will of God. Mill replies that if God desires the happiness of all His creatures, then utilitarianism should be the most religious of any other doctrine. He states in pg 345, “... I answer, that a utilitarian who believes in the perfect goodness and wisdom of God, necessarily believes that whatever God has thought fit to reveal on the subject of morals, must fulfill the requirements of utility in a supreme degree.” He believes that principles of utilitarianism do not conflict with any of God's revealed truths about morality.
In Paragraph 29, Mill talks about how utilitarianism is considered immoral, because it is often incorporated with the name of “expediency”. Mill argues that the word "expedient" generally means acting wrong for the sake of personal interest or short-term goals. Therefore, the definition of “expediency” is actually hurtful instead of being useful. Then Mill implies that hurting society is not necessarily “expedient” but...

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