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Mill Creek Essay

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On September 6th 2007, our biology class continued our research at Mill Creek Canyon Road to further observe plants and animals. On this trip the temperature was 28 degrees Celsius and there were slight winds present. The winds were going at a 2mph rate.On this trip the trees seemed greener and moist, due to the fact that there was excess amount of water that traveled through mill creek. The soil around the trees seemed very moist and damp and various branches were broken along the trail.
At the entrance of the trail, there were branches that were broken and dropped into the creek near the trail. Once further deep in the trail, I noticed that the creek stream was much clearer than before. The water flowed at a rapid pace and the sand near the creek was very damp and moist. The winds picked up to about 5 mph during my observations and the elevation level had decreased.
The location of my observations were at were at the creek near the stream. Once at the stream, my partner and I began to conduct our experiment. We decided to randomly pick out twenty alder plants to measure their height as well as the distance of the trees from the stream. On this day, we decided to measure the first set of ten trees. The trees that were measured were randomly picked. We chose ten alder trees that were a good distance from the stream and began to measure the height, from the tallest leaf on the tree to the base of the tree. Then we also measured the distance from the base of the tree to the water in the stream. During our research around 6:20pm, the winds begin to pick up to about 7mph and the temperature dropped to a low of 20 degrees celcius.
My partner and I made some very good observations about the heights of the trees versus the distance of them from the stream. We noticed that the farther away the trees were from the stream, the larger in size they grew. I will further research my theory in order to be presise. We recorded each measurement in our book for further study.

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