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Millennial Generation Essay

  • Submitted by: sfj268
  • on December 4, 2011
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Below is an essay on "Millennial Generation" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

According to the article, the millennial generation has been treated to good as children. Growing up they have been praised even when they have done wrong. This kind of behavior has entitled them to the name “trophy kids”.   The parents don’t want to be rude to their children so they give them what they want. As adults in the real word, the millennials now want bigger and sooner raises. This generation is set on getting the best bonuses but they aren’t set out to put in all the hard work and dedication for a wealthy job. The article also claims how the generation has the ability but now the will power to stand out in their job. Millennials are lazy in a way as they want the big pay check but don’t want to put in extra hours and all the hard labor. Just because we as a generation are completely different from the following generation, does not mean we will not be successful and keep the industry going.
The millennial generation, for the most part, has had a spoiled childhood. Many of the people growing up during this generation have been praised and not taught wrong from right. Even during times of failure and wrong, the children have been given approval and told they were winners. Natalie Griffith states that “Their attitude is always ‘What are you going to give me’.”   This technique or raising has harmed the kids in their adult years. The kids that are now grown want to receive raises and bonuses during their first years at a job. They also want more vacation hours and less hours per week. The generation struggles with tending to one job. If it isn’t comforting right off the bat then we quit the job and find a new one. This technique has been labeled surfing and many people in the nation use this philosophy. In a study done by Michigan State and MonsterTrak, about two-thirds of the millennials said they would likely surf jobs.   With the kind of raising and lessons learned as children the millennial generation received, it is an understanding that most are not...

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