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Mimicry Essay

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Characteristic | Scarlet king snake | Poisonous coral snake |
Geographic Range | -has the widest geographic range of any land snake-found in a variety of habitats from northern South America to Southern Canada-found in pine flat woods, hardwood hammocks, prairies, cultivated fields, and suburban areas | -they live in Central and Southern America. -some also live in Asia, Africa, and Australia-spend their time in holes dug out by other animals-they can be found in pine and scrub oak sand hills habitats But sometimes inhabit hardwood areas and pine flat woods that undergo seasonal flooding. |
Preferred food | -smaller snakes-mice-reptile eggs-frogs-lizards, skinks | -smaller snakes-lizards-frogs-nesting birds-rodents |
Known predators | -mammals -predatory birds such as hawks -other snakes | -other snakes- predatory birds such as hawks, eagles, storks etc.-mammals (foxes, skunks, hedgehogs, raccoons) |
Size | -35.5-50.8 cm (14-20 inches) in length-maximum recorded length is 68.5 cm (27 inches)-average weight of approximately 2.77 pounds (1.27 kg) | -the average is around 91 cm (41 inches)-   up to 150 cm (68 inches) or slightly larger have been reported |
Coloration | -very attractive colours-has red, black, and yellow rings around its entire bodyred and yellow rings are both surrounded by black rings (so the red and yellow rings never touch)-has a red nose-the ventral pattern is same as the dorsal | -the first color (starting with the head) on the coral snake is black and the coral snake has red and yellow bands that touch |
Behaviour | -stays protected from predators by mimicking the colour of a venomous coral snake- spend long periods under cover, preferring loose bark covering rotting pines (because there is a lot of skinks there and skinks are their favourite food)-very nervous little animals | -most are very elusive-they come to the surface of the ground   while raining or during breeding season-spend most of their time underground, under surface...

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