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Minimum Wage Essay

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Lauren Walker
The debates held over aspects of the economy, especially minimum wage, are too numerous to count. The question these days is whether the government should raise the minimum wage or not. To be honest, I believe our country would be better off without a minimum wage, and let businesses decide for themselves what to pay their employers. There are several reasons to be against this claim, but there a subsequent reasons for it, reasons that define a stable economy.
Having a minimum wage in our country limits the efficiency of businesses, limits the availability of jobs to citizens because of illegal immigrants, and even drives some people out of business. Without a minimum wage, businesses like Wendy’s, MacDonald’s, and Burger King could be more efficient. For example, if one of these fast food chains had a budget of $80 dollars an hour for its workers, and had to pay each one of them $8 because of minimum wage, the restaurant would only get to hire ten workers. But, if the restaurant was allowed to pay $5 an hour for each worker, they could hire fourteen workers, increasing the efficiency. With more workers, the restaurant could produce food faster and have more business. Another reason we should get rid of the minimum wage concerns illegal immigrants. They come to our country for economical freedom, knowing that by law they will get a certain amount of money. Businesses are willing to hire them because they do not have to pay any federal taxes on them, which in turn hurts the federal revenue. If the minimum wage were gone, the desire to break the law and come into our country would be diminished, and the number of jobs for citizens would increase. Illegal immigrants are not the only problems that the minimum wage has caused. It has caused a lack of balance, considering the diverse environments and economic needs for different parts of the country. A city such as Los Angeles can afford a minimum wage of $7 because it has so many people and businesses,...

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