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Miss Essay

  • Submitted by: sundus
  • on December 6, 2011
  • Category: English
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Communication is a very important human process.We communicate with ourselves and with others.We use words or sign to do this,but we also communicate with our body language and gestures, our facial expressions,the sound and movements.If you try to say something without moving. it ll be very difficult without facial expressions, eye contact, body language and hand gestures.So all these we need actually for comminicating easily with others.
As   being human we need to communicate with others.We both influence and are influenced by others in the ways we feel,think,develop ideas,move amd relate to people.Interaction with others is central to the development of communication and language. When we are spending our time with others without communication we can t share anything   so we can t discover ourselves, human, world,life...The main thing is communication is the part of many networks   for development and it will change   by learning.
Even babies engage in communicating with others from the start of their lives.First of all they are just crying, then smiling.After a few months they use a whole range of signs and gestures.So they do express themselves like that.They loves comminicating with us, it s   very creative in finding ways of letting us know what they want.So the more we respond to them, the more they show us to desire to communicate.
If we think about any conversations between adult and children, it does really help for developing language.Children learn many things from adults then they begin to use language for socializing, thinking,sharing and exchanging ideas and their relationship with others.They develop   a sense of trust that they will be respected, valued and they feel good by being listened by others.So we can tell actually feelings come up with communicating.Specially when children communicate with different parts of their brain coordinate (gesture,vision,sound, touching, feeling and emotions) they find out how object and bodies move, where they...

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