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Miss Essay

  • Submitted by: clblease
  • on December 6, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Assess the contribution of Marxist theories to an understanding of crime and deviance.

The Traditional Marxist approach to Crime and Deviance see’s capitalism itself as a crime as it’s based on exploiting the working class, for example the laws that are enforced are seen as being mainly in the interest of the ruling class. This is due to the ruling class controlling the state; they have the power to criminalise the lower classes. This leads to rise in crime committed by the working class, due to poverty; the only way that the working class may be able to survive is by committing crime. The needs to obtain consumer goods; capitalist advertising portray these products in a light where working class see their only way to gain them is via crime. This results in utilitarian crime such as theft. The marginalisation felt by these lower classes may lead to lack in control over their own lives; this leaves the working class frustrated and aggressive, leading to non-utilitarian crimes such as vandalism and violence.As David Gordan argued crime committed within society is seen as a rational response to the capitalist system, therefore it can be found in all social classes. It is not confined to the working class as official statistics make it appear.Although Neo-Marxist’s are highly influenced by the views of Traditional Marxist and share many similarities they are also each distinguished by their own key differences. Taylor, Walton and Young are seen as the most important contribution to Neo-Marxism and agree with Traditional Marxist on many things. For example the capitalist society being based on exploitation and class conflict. The unfair distribution of wealth and power within society gives an understanding as to why crime is committed. Taylor et Al say that working class people commit crime due to their experience of the inequality of capitalist. They also believe that laws are enforced selectively in the interest of the capitalist class, but feel that this extent of...

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